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What is the future of the housing market? 

The Canadian real estate market has been booming since Canada has opened opportunities for immigration and the federal government plans to bring in more than 1.2 million immigrants by 2023. This will evidently boost the production of new property development since the market is heavily influenced by supply and demand. It’s clear that consumers play a significant role in the market, but that doesn’t mean real estate agents should be downplayed in their role. Real estate agents are an important part of the Canadian housing market and will continue to play a vital role in ensuring that all aspects of real estate transactions including marketing properties to potential buyers/tenants, ensuring all paperwork related to the transfer of ownership is completed accurately and delivered on time.

What are some challenges you can face as a realtor?

In such a fast paced profession real estate agents are bound to face many challenges such as the increase in competition, inventory shortage and building trustworthy referral sources. If these challenges are not resolved in time, it can cause a major setback in your business and could potentially end up costing you millions.  

What is the solution to these challenges and how can we help? 

We provide an open space platform for real estate agents that tackles these challenges to ease the process for you to earn income and service your client’s needs to the best of your ability.  Competition is something that is uncontrollable especially with a profession that is growing, however Jet has established a consumer friendly interface that will give you a chance to post your current listings, this will enable consumers to pick and choose the property before approaching you. Not only does this defeat the competition but also solves the issue of inventory shortage since you will be able to see what each city or town has in terms of listings, making the hunt for the best property much easier.Jet is also providing every realtor associated with the platform a chance to build their referral network with other professions that are relative with their field, this includes insurance brokers, mortgage brokers and our regular consumer base. 

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