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Jetcover makes your day go better by integrating industry-leading insurance as sharable links.

As a property manager, it is often a challenge to ensure tenants are insured and have the right coverage. Jet insurance can dramatically reduce this burden by providing insurance programs that meet or exceed minimum requirements. Our insurance programs protect renters and their landlords in case of damage to leased property. Property managers can finally streamline tenant onboarding with the type of coverage that is best for individual tenants and their landlords.

Jet's software uses machine learning and smart AI to assess each property and take care of all underwriting, including providing owners and property managers Additional Insured Certificates of Insurance.

Tenants simply click a link and purchase a policy online to get started.
If you are a property manager and need to arrange insurance for tenants, try Jet Insurance. We make it easy to protect renters in case of damage to their rented property, theft, or other losses.
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