Reduce Risk for Co-working Spaces

Jetcover makes your day go better by integrating industry-leading insurance as sharable links.

Co-working managers

Co-working operators have a unique challenge surrounding risk in shared work environments.  Jet is designed to help risk managers simplify compliance by providing digital underwriting and quick access to insurance certificates. Send reminders for members to upload certificates. Handle proof of insurance seamlessly and proactively. Offer members just-in-time coverage through Jet’s insurance program. Ease bottleneck is reduced and risk exposure is reduced. Stay current on who is and who is not covered.

Managers, book a consult and start using Jet to manager all your members insurance certificates.

Liability for members

As a business owner, when you join a co-working office, you increase your exposure to claims of negligence or damage caused by you, your staff or even a customer visiting you. Don't take chances with your reputation and solvency. Use Jet to buy insurance in a few minutes that is guaranteed to satisfy all listed co-working facilities.

Jet is designed to simplify payment of insurance premiums for co-working members allowing you reduced startup costs. Use Jet to move in faster with instant certificates.

Does my home insurance cover me?

Outside the home, your homeowners liability policy will only cover non-commercial activities. If you are working at or for a business, the home policy will not cover those operations. Overall, having business insurance is a must have as soon as you start earning money.

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Resolve the compliance challenge.

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