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Prompton has partnered with Jet to provide online renter’s insurance.

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When you use Jet to buy your renter's insurance package, we automatically send Proof of Insurance, cancellation and non-renewal notices directly to the Property Manager for your building. This helps everyone rest easy knowing you are fully protected.

When to Use Jet?

Life happens. If you rent a home, protect your property from fire, theft, and water damage. Our exclusive all-in-one application includes liability, bikes, pets, and even food spoilage. Your Tenant Insurance policy has three options for the form of coverage to protect your Personal Belongings; Basic, Enhanced and Extended Water. The Basic is the least expensive and Enhanced with Extended Water is the most expensive. Under all three forms of coverage, there are some types of property which are not insured such as business property, but all three include the same Personal Liability protection.

Why Use Jet?

  • Fast, affordable coverage 24/7
  • Instant proof of Insurance delivered direct to your property manager
  • Expert advisors standing by to help you with your purchase.
“Jet is pretty damn cool.”
Sarah S. - Vancouver
Get Quotes in less than 5 min.

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Why make insurance complicated?  We take the guesswork out of comparing policies giving you the information needed to save money.

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At OnePlus, our specialists are committed to providing the very best user experience possible. We also have forums and beta testing to let you have a say in how our software is developed.

Worry-Free Claims

With our network of trusted, certified partners, making a claim is hassle-free and better in every way.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Hard to place risks are our specialty. Consult with one of our experts online to find gaps in coverage and ways to fill those gaps.

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Jet has instant everything to help you streamline insurance. Supported by expert agents, our AI bot will instantly craft the ideal protection. Manage everything using the perfect blend of technology, expert advice and transparency.

Our mission is to get our clients the right coverage at the best price.

Our goal is to make insurance easier, simpler and fair.

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