Auto Insurance (for BC residents only)

ICBC Autoplan and private carrier options will have you saving money on your next car insurance policy

What is Auto Insurance Insurance good for?

ICBC Basic Autoplan insurance is the mandatory coverage you need for a vehicle in B.C.  It helps ensure that all British Columbians who own and drive a motor vehicle here are protected with a basic level of coverage.

InsureCert provides Autoplan coverage through the facilities of S&S Insurance Services, Vancouver. Our top notch agents are full licensed and qualified to sell ICBC Autoplan including private carrier option.

Who is Auto Insurance Insurance for?

Up to $200,000 of Basic Vehicle Damage coverage is included in your Basic insurance and covers repairs when the other driver is responsible – instead of recovering the cost of your vehicle repairs from the insurance policy of the driver responsible, your own insurance will cover you.

If your vehicle is worth over $200,000, talk to your InsureCert about coverage options.

If you are responsible for a crash, your optional Collision coverage will pay for the repairs to your vehicle. If you don't have Collision coverage, you are responsible for the repairs.

Why would I need Auto Insurance Insurance?

ICBC Basic Autoplan insurance is the mandatory coverage you need for a vehicle in B.C.  It helps ensure that all British Columbians who own and drive a motor vehicle here are protected with a basic level of coverage.

What does Auto Insurance Insurance cover?

  • Unlisted Driver Protection
  • Collision
  • Hit and Run
  • Income Top-U​p
  • Comprehensive
  • Extended Third Party Liability
  • Extension Underinsured Motorist Protection
  • Loss of Use
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Specified Perils
  • Rental Vehicle Coverage
  • New Vehicle Protection
  • Optional insurance packages
  • Specialized coverage

What does Auto Insurance Insurance not cover?

Here are some things you can do to help ensure your coverage stays valid:

  • Your vehicle must be rated correctly. It’s important that you tell your broker how you use your vehicle (your rate class), and who will be driving it most of the time.
  • If you have a claim, provide correct information.
  • Never drive if your driver’s licence is expired or suspended, and make sure that anyone who drives your vehicle has a valid driver's licence.
  • Don’t drive when you’re impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Remember, your Basic Autoplan insurance only covers you in Canada and the U.S.

What does Auto Insurance cost?

Enhanced Care started on May 1, 2021 and benefits all B.C. drivers. Here's how it works if you're renewing your policy on or after that date:

  • Your premium will be based on the new, lower rates of Enhanced Care. That means you'll see savings on your entire policy term.
  • ​​The amount of savings depends on a number of factors, including coverages you buy, your listed drivers, the type of vehicle you drive, and more.
  • You may also be eligible for a one-time, pro-rated refund.
  • Your refund amount will be the difference between what you paid when you last renewed and the new, lower cost of Enhanced Care for the amount of time your policy extends past May 1, 2021.

​Find out more about Enhanced Care savings and refunds at ​​edcare​.

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Still wondering about Auto Insurance Insurance?

Here are some real world examples of claims:

Below are 10 of the more common auto insurance claims you've probably filed:

  • Rear-end crash. No matter the cause, this type of collision will always be your fault
  • Chipped or cracked windshield
  • Damage to a parked vehicle
  • Backing up accident
  • Vandalism
  • Hail damage
  • Single-car crash
  • Crash at an intersection

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