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Put your insurance compliance on autopilot

Our Products

A dynamic new tool to help you protect and save.

A replacement for haggling, while not understanding your policy.

We remove the burden of understanding the risks you may encounter when you sign a lease or rent space you occupy temporarily.

Jet covers your stuff and liability while you lease or occupy office space or a home.

Unlike traditional insurance, Jet Cover is 'everything' insurance covering  business & home for (almost) anything life throws at you.

WHY JET Compliance

The most trusted and complete offering on the market.

Comprehensive protection.

Our coverage doesn’t skimp on categories like lost rent or water damage deductibles —you’re covered for the full value of the risk exposure.

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Flexible coverage amounts.

We give you the ability to tailor your coverage amounts at a property and user level, giving you exactly the protection you need.

Secure backing & reliable claims.

Our policies are backed by Canada's leading carriers and claims are processed by a team of experienced adjusters.

Your compliance partner.

Our products are connected to superior software, keeping your properties in compliance with all stakeholders and government regulations.


Got questions?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What is Jet Compliance?

Jet Compliance lets renters & user groups buy insurance protecting risk managers from liabilities for a monthly fee. Jet automatically tracks and delivers certificates of insurance on behalf of the resident, user group or obligee. Jet helps you manage everything for free.

How much does Jet Compliance cost?

Jet Compliance costs just $25 per year, per legal entity. Each legal entity can add as many building, venues or contractor bonds as needed. Once activated, there is no ongoing monthly fee or commissions payable to Jet. Use as many times as you want.  Jet charges brokers a 1% fee to issue policy documents on our platform which pays for our validation and fraud detection services and ongoing development. Jet Finance offers monthly payments through First Insurance Funding at ~6% per annum. eg: If a policy costs $1,000 the total paid over one year (12 payments) might be $1060 ($1,000 for insurance, and $60 for First Insurance Finance). Terms may vary and are subject to credit availability.

Who uses Jet Compliance?

Jet Compliance is designed to work for a broad cross-section of risk managers, and stakeholders. Anyone who needs financial indemnity from renters, lessors, associations or groups. eg; Landlords, property managers, mortgage lenders, concert halls, municipal fields and community centers or even rental businesses.

How do we become a Jet partner?

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