what it does

Certificate uploads. On time. Every time.

A replacement for sending requests.

Why waste time sending requests and chasing down follow-ups?

Certificates straight to you

Jet Link allows your users to upload proof of insurance & have it validated.

WHY JET Compliance

The insurance program built for modern living.

Protect against missing certificates.

By giving your users the option to easily upload certificates, Jet reduces risk by notifying you if insurance is cancelled or not renewed.

zen woman on top of insurance contract

Drive safety and compliance.

Taylor requests with minimum limits, additional insured language or loss payees. Ensure every stakeholder is protected.

No change to your processes.

Jet Link can be fully automated into any website. No changes are required to your leasing or rent collection processes.

Hit your ESG initiatives.

Offering Jet Link is a socially responsible action that gives your residents the financial flexibility they need and helps you meet your
ESG goals.


Got questions?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What is Jet Link?

Jet Link lets you create a unique URL to send renters or users of your facility.  Add a button to your website and let users know exactly what is required when they send you proof of insurance.

How much does Jet Link cost?

Jet Compliance is free for risk managers plus a one-time activation feee of $25 per building, venue or contractor bond template requiring insurance or bonds. Once activated, there is no ongoing monthly fee. Use as many times as you want.  Jet charges brokers a 1% fee to issue policy documents. Jet Finance offers monthly payments through First Insurance Funding at ~6% per annum. eg: If a policy costs $1,000 the total paid over one year (12 payments) might be $1060 ($1,000 for insurance, and $60 for First Insurance Finance). Terms may vary and are subject to credit availability.

Who uses Jet Link?

Jet Link is designed to work for a broad cross-section of risk managers, and stakeholders. Anyone who needs financial indemnity from renters, lessors, associations or groups. eg; Landlords, property managers, mortgage lenders, concert halls, municipal fields and community centers or even rental businesses.

How do we become a Jet partner?

To demo our products and join the Jet network, click here.

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