Easy, affordable financial protection


Comprehensive coverage that meets your must-have requirements.

Protection for your stuff.

Contents coverage that reimburses you if something happens to
your things.

Protection against a lawsuit.

Liability coverage that protects you for life’s mishaps—like a accident you cause

Protection for extra expense.

Loss-of-use coverage that will pay for temporary facilities.

why jet cover

A solution that checks all the boxes.

Easy sign-up and instant protection.

Simple, one-click purchasing with none of the confusing jargon.

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Comprehensive modern coverage.

The best of both worlds—modern coverage, from property to water damage protection, that also meets your landlord’s requirements.

Affordable plans that fit your budget.

From $15/month, you can get the coverage you need at a price that won’t break the bank.


Got questions?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What is Jet Cover?

Jet Cover is a complete insurance solution lets renters & user groups buy insurance protecting risk managers from liabilities for a monthly fee. Jet automatically tracks and delivers certificates of insurance on behalf of the resident, user group or obligee. Jet helps you manage everything for free.

How much does Jet Compliance cost?

Jet Compliance is free for risk managers plus a one-time activation feee of $25 per building, venue or contractor bond template requiring insurance or bonds. Once activated, there is no ongoing monthly fee. Use as many times as you want.  Jet charges brokers a 1% fee to issue policy documents. Jet Finance offers monthly payments through First Insurance Funding at ~6% per annum. eg: If a policy costs $1,000 the total paid over one year (12 payments) might be $1060 ($1,000 for insurance, and $60 for First Insurance Finance). Terms may vary and are subject to credit availability.

Who uses Jet Compliance?

Jet Compliance is designed to work for a broad cross-section of risk managers, and stakeholders. Anyone who needs financial indemnity from renters, lessors, associations or groups. eg; Landlords, property managers, mortgage lenders, concert halls, municipal fields and community centers or even rental businesses.

How do we become a Jet partner?

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