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Imagine insurance that's designed to enhance your business and strengthen transactions. That’s us. We provide secure insurance solutions that connect with leading vendors. Use our technology to provide advanced co-branded insurance solutions.

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Our products rely on stunning, functional design and cutting edge technology to make for the best experience around.

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We know the value of service. That’s why our state of the art software is supported with our in-house team ready to help when you need it.


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Jet Compliance offers multiple financial products direct-to-consumers through affiliate partner programs. Manager all your compliance and get customer covered all under one roof.


Use Jet Compliance for customers

Here are some cool things you can do to get your clients complaint with landlords, product distributors, contractors & customers.

What is Jet Compliance?

Jet Compliance lets business owners, landlords & administrators offer their users a quick and easy way to get and stay compliant for a monthly fee. Jet Compliance automatically delivers stakeholders certificates of insurance. Give your customers a value-added service that makes everyone safer and more protected.

How much does Jet Compliance cost?

Jet Compliance is free for risk managers plus a one-time activation fee of $25 per building, location or program requiring insurance or bonds. Once activated, there is no ongoing monthly fee. Refer as many clients as you need for free.  Jetcover earns a commission when it sells insurance premiums. Use Jet Finance to offer your customers monthly payments through First Insurance Funding at an additional ~6% per annum. eg: If a policy costs $1,000 the total paid over one year (12 payments) might be $1060 ($1,000 for insurance, and $60 for First Insurance Finance). Terms may vary and are subject to credit availability.

Who uses Jet Compliance?

Jet Compliance is designed to work for a broad cross-section of risk managers, and stakeholders. Anyone who needs financial indemnity from renters, lessors, associations or groups. eg; Landlords, property managers, mortgage lenders, concert halls, municipal fields and community centers or even rental businesses.

How do we become a Jet Compliance partner?

To demo our products and join the Jet network, click here.

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